TRADEXBOT company is a friendly team of professionals from all over the world. Successful traders and financiers work closely together to develop the best investment platform for working with crypto-currencies. Financial experts do not only rely on Bitcoin, but also on putting the value of the valuation as a "digital" currency for the future.

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Use the financial tool of the Capital Advice Limited platform, allowing our specialists to work for you. Start with a minimum deposit of 10$. and earn daily. No hidden fees, no conditions.

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The company TRADEXBOT - a friendly team of professionals from around the world. Successful traders and financiers work closely together to develop the best investment platform for working with crypto-currencies. Financial experts do not only support Bitcoin, but also put the value of the market as a "digital" currency for the future. The TRADEXBOT team is interested in the development of Blockchain technologies. Employees of the company always aim at a positive result of receiving high income for investors.

 Specialists TRADEXBOT have high qualifications, which serves as an advantage in trading in the crypto currency market. If you are dreaming of having a high profit on the crypto currency, but do not want to trade yourself, then you should go with TRADEXBOT


Each investor receives passive income regardless of exchange circumstances and events


Distribution of trust management is the guarantee of your investment diversification


Transaction security is guaranteed by the powerful performance capabilities of the company's website


Accuracy of the company's decisions guarantees minimum risks of your investment


Guaranteed partner fees and a high level of active income in the company


Globality of the company's business is a guarantor of multi-vector nature and reliability of investment decisions

Affiliate Program


Share our perfect platform, enabling your friends and colleagues to earn more money for themselves. To do this, you do not have to have an active deposit to participate in our affiliate program. The form of business cooperation is available at the link of your referral,

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Is It Safe?

Cryptohopper trades on your behalf on your exchange. Just connect the Hopper to your exchange where your funds are.

Your Hopper can trade for you on Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex, GDAX and Kraken. More exchanges will be added in the future. You don’t need to give us permission to withdraw, but only to trade. That way, your funds are safe on the exchange you choose. Create an account and start hopping today!

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Our services can be used by any individual or legal entity. However, in order to create an account, you must be of legal age in accordance with the laws of the country in whose jurisdiction you are located.
The registration process is very simple and takes only a few minutes - just click the "Login" button at the top of the site, go to the registration section and fill in all the required fields.
For registration any mail is suitable.
No, it's forbidden. You can have only one account from one computer and an IP address.
Creating an account is absolutely free.


Go to your account, click the "Make a deposit" button, choose a convenient payment system and follow the instructions.
At the moment we accept Dollar
The minimum investment amount is 10 $ maximum of $ 99999.
The company's website includes reliable payment systems - Payeer, Perfect Money, ADVcash Bitcoin
Similar video instructions for creating a wallet and working with any of these payment systems can be found in our Vkontakte group.
Yes, withdrawals are made manually 24/7.
We follow a policy of complete confidentiality. No information about you, including personal data, information on transactions and income, is being provided to anyone except you.
Typically, the withdrawal of funds does not take long, the transfer of funds to your electronic wallet will be made in the interval from several hours to 48 hours
Yes, at any time, minus the commission for early closure of the deposit of 30%.
The minimum withdrawal amount is 1$

Affiliate Program

Yes, there is a 4-level affiliate program in our company.
If you want to receive partner rewards, then you just need to create an account, copy your affiliate (referral) link from your account and share it with friends and acquaintances.
Yes, any registered user can receive partner rewards without opening his own deposit. However, in our partnership program, there are 2 types of partner statuses, which allows, with even a minimum contribution of $ 10, to receive an additional daily bonus from the accruals of your referrals.
No, you can not change the invited partner after the registration.
No, attracting other participants is not mandatory. You can attract partners and receive additional profit or you can receive income only from deposits that you have opened.


Your participation in the TRADEXBOT project is completely confidential, you are not required to provide any documents.
TRADEXBOT pays great attention to safety and confidentiality. The transfer of information on the site is protected by an SSL certificate. TRADEXBOT does not transfer any personal data to third parties. Your participation is strictly confidential.
The server TRADEXBOT has a powerful Anti-DDOS protection.
Use the function Password recovery to your e-mail.
Send a request to the Support Service. Specify your e-mail, your login will be sent to it.
Send a request to the Support Service. Specify your e-mail, login and purse number in the payment system from which you added your account.
You can change the purse number after authorization in the section "Cabinet".